About F. Z. Trders (Office Dismantling Service Vendor & Scrap Vendor)

F. Z. Trders is 11 year old New Delhi based company. We expand in this period all over Delhi and NCR area with good team. Our work and old furniture buying price always attracted our clients and customers. We dismantled and bought old and used goods from big companies, showrooms and mall showrooms.

Office dismantling is not a problem now, we dismantle office workstation, office partition, office false ceiling etc and buy old office work station, old office partition, old false ceiling etc and buy it in good price.

We are good enough in dismantling mall shops or showrooms in mall and purchase old mall shops furniture and old mall showroom furniture in good rates. We dismantled many showrooms and are very experienced in it. We will be very happy to serve you and in buying your waste goods in good price.

Office, Bank and Showroom etc Dismantling And Buyers

F Z Trders is your number one destination to sell used items. We buy everything specially used office furniture and we are good in dismantling and buying.
We Pay Cash and Pick 7 Days a Week! Yes we are open 7 days a week for showroom dismantling and buying old items.

Full Office Clear Out? No problem we are here. We offer office dismantling and buyers of all second hands items like furniture, partition, old ac, used dg set, 2nd hand ups, ups batteries

Want to Sell Your Used Items? We want to purchase, we are used office generator buyer, furniture buyers in Delhi NCR area.

WANT TO SELL OLD ITEMS? Like old office workstation, dismantled partition, used office chairs, old office tables, used generator, old ac, second hand ups panel or old electric panel, WE WILL REALLY LOVE TO BUY IT.

Are you dealing with a deceased estate? Maybe you are upgrading or downsizing? Perhaps it’s just too good to throw away? No matter what the reason, selling furniture has never been easier than with FZ Traders. To contact the buying team call us today on 9990401921 or email intimate.ws@gmail.com

Old Furniture Buyer's are “Delhi NCRs” best furniture buyers and giving our much appreciated dismantling services to our valuable clients.

Trust us, we have a strong and efficient team who will be able to dismantle old ac plant and buy it.
Whether it’s a large family home or mansion or an upper level apartment, NO PROBLEM, we are equipped to get the job done to dismantle big almirah, or rack or partitions etc and we will purchase and pick it up.

We have enough experience to do it and purchase all your used items. Used office dg set or old generator selling is also not a problem now we really want to buy it.
Some times we have to re-design the interior or close or shift the showroom or shop, we are here to un-fix or disassemble or furniture, partitions, false ceiling and floor. Kindly call us for more information, we are good enough in Showroom shop dismantling.
Machinery Erection is a big task but we do it, no need to worry. Old AC or AC plant un-installation is also not a problem now, we do it with full efficiency.
SAD but some times there is no solution you need to close or shut down or shift your office, hotels or restaurants, institutions, factories etc, just remember us at that time also, we will dismantle and buy furniture, wooden items, partitions, reception, office furniture, scrap, ac, false ceiling, generator, ups, metals etc.